Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pots, Tools and More...

Whenever the opportunity strikes, you will find me shopping in the gardening section of whatever store I happen to be in (assuming it has a gardening section).

I have even more freedom and choices when I am able to shop online from home and have items shipped to me.  I think the sound of the doorbell rung by the deliveryman is one of the best sounds, don't you?

One group of gardening items that I love to shop for pots for my plants.

An empty container is an invitation for me to envision what types of plants I will plant inside.

Of course, pots come in all sizes, colors and shapes.

A single accent plant like this agave will look great by itself in a container.

 Of course, I also like pots with different layers - a tall centerpiece plant surrounded by smaller plants and finished off with a trailing ground cover plant that allows you to see the pot through the leaves.

Large pots make great statement pieces in the landscape and look great when placed in the corner(s) of your patio or when placed beside the entry to your home.

A collection of smaller pots in different shapes add beauty and depth to an herb shelf.

Don't forget hanging plants.  

Hanging pots full of colorful annuals look fabulous when hung from your porch or along a walkway.

Newer types of garden pots are now available that are 'self-watering' and other kinds that can be placed on a railing.
I must confess that I have quite a few p in different sizes and colors and they are a fundamental part of my garden.

I can switch out the plants easily and come up with different combinations and looks whenever I feel like it.

I always have room for more pots - especially when I find one that I love.

Other items that I look for when shopping for my garden are good-quality gardening tools.

It is really frustrating to not have the necessary tool(s) that your garden needs or tools that are of poor-quality and don't work well.

I always invest in quality garden hand-tools and often have two of the same type of tool available for my garden so that more then one person can work at the same job at the same time.

Gardening is such a pleasurable past time and you reap the benefits of a beautiful garden in return.

So, while you are shopping for gardening supplies, be sure to purchase some lawn furniture as well, so that you can enjoy the beauty of your garden outdoors.


  1. Noelle, If you had to choose ONLY three tools, what would they be? Mine would be shovel, pruner, and hose.

  2. I would choose the shovel, rake and hose.